Say it with your eyes, or say it like the peanut butter

This is my first GIF. it is from the movie Elaina Undone movie trailer. This is not what I wanted, but I got really tired of trying to find a long enough shot of what I wanted. I am not sure it is legal to steal a shot right out of a movie….Is It? Any way I got tired of trying to find a shot that got to the heart of the movie. To make the GIF, I downloaded the clip with YTD vidio downloader and then opened it in Windows Live Movie Maker where I shortened the clip. then I loaded it to format factory where I spent a lot of time clicking on buttons that did nothing. Eventually This is what I came up with.

the eyes say it allI would love to try making my own GIF with my own photos and videos. I think that would be more fun.




2 thoughts on “Say it with your eyes, or say it like the peanut butter

  1. Jane, this is awesome! I am so impressed! Despite your frustrations and dead ends, your persistence resulted in a pretty good gif. I’d better get going on mine. 🙂

  2. Just an update,
    I did make another gif with my own photos which was just as tedious, but more fun. I do not think I can post it as the person I was photographing did not really want her picture taken…But I am beginning to feel better about gifs. I used Gimp 2 to load the photos as layers duplicated some layers and took out some others and then used the animation filters to play it. You can change the speed, but to get the effect I was looking for I had to add lots of layers to slow some parts down and remove some layers to lesson the movement.

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