ds106/song circle… What it’s all about

Its all about being creative, saying what needs to be said and telling the compelling story of radical change.

My plan is to turn this into a singing circle blog. But to begin I need to learn how to use the medium effectively.

So I start by taking this class ds106.

More about me and why I am doing this:

It all started at a woman’s music festival. I was wandering the workshops and came across a sacred singing circle. I joined in, even though I had no singing experience. Like many adults I believed that I did not have any talent for singing and limited my singing to the shower and belting out tunes to the radio in my car. But I had so much fun at the singing workshop that I returned the next year for more. Then I decided I needed singing circle in my home town. So I contacted some song circle leaders and got some advice. The leaders of Women With Wings came and did a workshop at the church where I work and we got a group of women together who like to sing.

Now I told you I had no experience singing….It sounded like it. I had to start practicing or I would never be able to teach the songs! I recorded the song circle at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and sang them over and over until what I was singing sounded more or less like what they were singing. My wife still gripes about the songs I ruined for her… by singing them so badly. Even my cat would come up to me and put his paw over my mouth to stop the noise.

Eventually I could sing a tune, and teach a song, and even stay on key thru the whole thing. And my singing circle began to grow and become an important part of my community.

This whole thing taught me a lesson. Well a few lessons. But I think the most important one is that we must learn to communicate with each other in creative ways. How else can we say all there is to say about ourselves. So this is who I am right now. A person who is trying to learn how to communicate in creative ways. Someone who wants to inspire others to do the same. This is what this blog is all about.



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