Learning to Do Daily Creates

Yes, I am still figuring out how to tag and embed my assignments. Getting used to doing the daily creates. Using Audacity is not new to me so the birthday assignment was no problem.

And the latest more than half way tdc was a lesson in cat wrangling that I lost. shy kitty

Until yesterday I did not have any device for creating videos so I had to skip the make someone laugh assignment. But now I am all set and will be exploring youtube. Because my class is so small, I am relying on some of the other classes to get inspiration and answer questions I may have. I must say that having photobyn1000 near by is keeping me on track. We have met twice already to share ideas and show off our new proficiency.


Peace Becomes You

Peace Becomes YouJust last week I was at a Holly Near/ Emma’s Revolution concert where I picked up this PEACE t-shirt and a Peace Becomes You hat. Peace Salaam Shalom is one of my favorite songs to sing. So this assignment came at a good time.