What is Women’s Sacred Singing Circle

Singing In Sacred Circle

Jane Osborn

As women, we have something to contribute to the world. We have a voice and a feminine perspective that is important to grow and to nurture.

But we stay silent much of the time because we lack the confidence, get beaten down in our day to day activities, have too much work and not enough play…We become disconnected with those things that empower us and make us feel strong and healthy and alive. It’s so easy to become mired in negativity when the world is telling us we are powerless.

So I wanted to create something positive, uplifting, playful, spiritual, whimsical….something that women could count on to lift us up, make us feel connected to other women, the earth, the larger community–to our spiritual, powerful, and intuitive selves.  Some people call this the feminine divine. I decided that singing in sacred circle was the way to bring this to my community: a way for women to get together and say what lifts us up, what matters to us, and a way for women to lift each other up and help each other find what matters to each of us, and where each of us can feel heard.

I wanted to create acelebration each week of the feminine divine.

The act of singing is powerful. We are born with this instrument, this heartbeat (rhythm) and these ears, sensitive enough to hear nuances in our own voice and others. In a way, to sing is to take the power that we were born with, the power that for many of us has been tainted with negativity.  We have been told that we don’t have the talent, we should not sing out, we are not good enough. But singing is for everyone, not just those exceptional people with perfect pitch or an extraordinary voice. Whether I sing every note, or sing in a monotone; whether I can sing many octaves or just one octave or just a few notes, I can still sing, and my voice, combined with the voices of others in an intentional way makes a beautiful sound. Singing is for everyone.

The format is easy….Come in a circle, sing simple songs and chants from many traditions over and over again. Listen to each other and contribute to the sounds.  Mix in some rounds, some harmonies and some call and response songs.  Allow space and time for each woman to participate in learning, choosing, and leading the songs. Come when you can, leave when you must.

Add to that a names time where all women can feel heard. Add a healing time where we can take our positive energy and send it out into the world for healing and where we can pay attention the healing in our own selves. Add a birthday song as a special gift to each woman.  Then add a short break in the middle for social time.

As the circle grows, we must remember what the circle is for. Remember that we have as many new people joining the circle as we have ever had. They are learning the songs from scratch. They are maybe singing in front of others for the first time since childhood.  The intent of the circle is for each woman to feel comfortable contributing to the sound, or each woman to sing her truth and for each woman to feel supported in doing so.  The circle is for lifting us up and giving us a break from feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and unheard. And the circle is to awaken the silent voice within us all, that calls out to be heard.


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